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Juliana Pigs, Micro Mini Pigs, Miniature Goats and Cattle, French Bulldogs and other farm animals

Juliana/Juliani, (Micro Mini Pigs , Tea Cup Pigs, Mini Pet Pigs) TERMS OF SIZE REFERENCE COMPARED TO A FULL GROWN MEAT HOG! Ahrens Hobby Farm now only has a few remaining Juliana pigs, occasionally has piglets, and has Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale- everything else has been sold and the farm is not open to the public...email me (microminipigs@yahoo.com) if you are interested in purchasing a piglet or a goat. Please read info about mini pigs if you are seriously considering buying a pet pig. 


Welcome to the Ahrens Hobby Farm Website. We own a small, private, hobby farm. We live on 20 acres and have 3 beautiful children that help take care of the animals. We started in 2005 with a mini pig and some pygmy goats and now have several nigerian dwarf goats, miniatur Cattle, mini horses, several Juliana & Micro mini pigs, chickens, and barn cats.  We love all our animals and hope you find one that you may want to take home for your very own. Thanks so much for looking around. Be sure to click on the photo's around the farm page and check out all the other critters for sale. ~All Animals are for sale, if the price is right. They may not be listed for sale, but if you offer enough $$$$ it can be yours. I am a business minded person, so if you see something that you have to have, make an offer. =)


We are located in beautiful, scenic, Southern, IL. Not far from the MO & KY borders, in Anna, IL. I hand deliver most of my piglets. I have delivered piglets all over the USA. Contact me now to set up delivery of your new Juliana piglet. 


 All animals are sold on first come first serve basis. I must have a deposit to hold. Please contact me at microminipigs@yahoo.com.

If you have something that you are looking for and I don't have it listed, just let me know. I may have it or may know someone that does. It never hurts to ask.


Thank-you to Kaylee DeFer (actress) &  Mike Pereira for buying a beautiful 1/2 Juliana, they named Pancetta.


 Thank-you to Aaron Lewis (of Staind) and his wife Vanessa, for buying a tiny Juliana piglet from us. Even though Aaron is a rock star, he is a very down to earth person and his wife is also. I highly suggest going to one of his concerts....He ROCKS!!!! I will put a link to his website on my links page.



For the summer of 2011 & 2012 we had several of our animals at Nelis' Dutch Village, in Holland, MI


We also now have 2 pigs at Martha Clara Vineyards on Long Island, NY. They are not the super tiny ones, but they are still adorable. This is a beautiful, pet friendly, winery. They have other farm animals for you to see too.


Also, if you are looking for a nice vacation getaway, The Spirit Horse Farm, Bed & Breakfast, in Kent, CT. is the home to 2 of our mini Scottish Highlander cows from the past. 

I have links for these places on my links page.

Last, but not least, check out Peanut in the newspaper...too adorable.



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